WWNBB#039 On A Bedroom Wall

by Still Flyin'

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Siamo super felici di presentare il nuovo album dei nostri beniamini californiani (un po’ sparsi per il mondo a dire il vero..) che tanto ci fanno ballare. Si chiama On A Bedroom Wall il nuovo lavoro del collettivo Still Flyin’ capitanato da Sean Rawls ma che sprigiona inevitabilmente la forza del gruppo in questo bellissimo disco. Le tracce si susseguono in un vortice di nostalgie anni ’80 con la consapevolezza che quella spensieratezza sta trasformandosi in un percorso difficile da accettare ma anche difficile da sfuggire. Le melodie synth-pop con cui sarebbe stato bello diventare grandi sono finalmente tutte racchiuse in On A Bedroom Wall, un mix perfetto da ascoltare a ripetizione e niente meno che in vinile!

Registrato da Haima Marriott (Architecture in Helsinki)
Mixato da Wyatt Cusick (Love is All)
Masterizzato da Scott Hull (Springsteen, Bowie, etc.)


We are super excited to release Still Flyin‘s new album On A Bedroom Wall! Our favorite Californians (a little all over the world to tell the truth ..) that make us dance the most. On A Bedroom Wall is the sophomore full lenght by the collective captained by Sean Rawls and made perfect with the power of the all band. The tracks follow each other in a swirl of 80s nostalgia with the knowledge that this carelessness is changing into a path difficult to accept but also hard to avoid. The synth-pop melodies with which it would be nice to grow up with, all finally enclosed in On A Bedroom Wall, a terrific record to listen to repeatedly and nothing less than on vinyl!

Recorded by Haima Marriott (Architecture in Helsinki)
Mixed by Wyatt Cusick (Love is All)
Mastered by Scott Hull (Springsteen, Bowie, etc..)


released May 21, 2012



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We want music to never turn into something boring for us. It would mean that we have become boring. Because music does not die with mp3′s or copyright: boredom is what brings it down, when it becomes a habit. All we need is a small do-it-yourself collective, as tiny as a simple smile. ... more

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