WWNBB#040 Nowhere Or Tammensaari

by I Am Oak

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La prima volta che abbiamo avuto la fortuna (grazie a Snowstar Records) di ascoltare questo album e’ stata anche la volta in cui non siamo piu’ riusciti a staccarcene. Nowhere Or Tammensaari e’ il secondo album dell’Olandese Thijs Kuijken che con il nome di I Am Oak ci regala 12 pezzi, scritti e suonati con la band in una sperduta baita fra le nevi dell’inverno finlandese. Dinamico e scuro, con un fondamentale accento su testi e voci, Nowhere Or Tammensaari e’ avvolgente e diretto a colpire le emozioni che giornalmente cerchiamo di nascondere e nasconderci. Una volta partita la prima traccia del disco, non si puo’ piu’ sfuggire. E tanto meno si cerca di fuggire. Abbandonarsi all’ascolto e’ l’unica soluzione.

The first time we had the luck (thanks to Snowstar Records) to listen to this album was as well the time when we couldn’t get over it anymore. Nowhere Or Tammensaari is Thijs Kuijken’s sophomore album. This Dutch genius plays under the name of I Am Oak and gives us this 12 songs written and composed together with his band in a snowy house lost amidst the winter in the South of Finland. Dynamic and dark, with a great focus on lyrics and vocals, Nowhere Or Tammensaari is as surrounding as direct to hit the emotions that daily we try to hide to the world and especially to ourselves. Once the music starts you cant run away anymore. And you actually don’t want to run away. Abandon yourself to listen is the only solution.


released June 4, 2012



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We want music to never turn into something boring for us. It would mean that we have become boring. Because music does not die with mp3′s or copyright: boredom is what brings it down, when it becomes a habit. All we need is a small do-it-yourself collective, as tiny as a simple smile. ... more

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